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Our Trip To Morelia

On Thursday, after we finished breakfast we all climbed in the car and headed to Morelia. On the way, we saw lots of cows and horses on the side of the road. In the background you can see big and small green trees. Okay now for the final act: right beside the trees around us we could see the mountains almost hidden from view by light rain clouds.

As soon as we arrived, we parked and headed into Office Depot to get markers, pens, pencils, paper, and a binder, and to try and find Mom a comfy office chair for while they are typing at night. Unfortunately, we were not lucky so we went to the cash register to pay for our items and we got directions to another Office Depot in town. Then we went to have lunch at the McDonald’s next door. They have a huge indoor playground there with two slides and a little center for kids, so of course Elea and I played there. This was really nice because it’s the first playground we’ve had to play in since we left America (except for a kind of little nasty one with a terrible slide that was at a restaurant down by the lake). The food there was just like the kind at home, but Elea complained that her chicken nuggets were too hot, just like she complains about everything. After we ate, we went to the other Office Depot where we were unlucky again, so we started home.

On our way home, Elea’s seat had come loose, probably from Rommel stepping on the latch. When we had to brake on a downhill, her seat went forward straight into the back of Dad’s seat. Don’t worry, she was just shocked no damage done, thank Gaea. After the light turned green, we found a place to pull over and get her seat back in.

On the way back home, I was looking at the memorials people put up on the side of the road when people die there, and I was feeling sad . Still, it was a fun adventure.

I have now written another book report, Enjoy! Love and miss you all. More later.


The Pirate

In this mystery by Caroline Marsh, Michele and her brother Michael are sent to Bath, North Carolina, to spend six weeks of their summer vacation with a friend of their mother. Michele was offered the chance to be a part of a play about Blackbeard that they do every summer in Bath, but her mother tells her she cannot because someone has stolen Blackbeard’s head, a prop they use in the play. She, Michael and the kids they are staying with decide to try and solve the mystery. They begin receiving clues in bottles floating in the bay, but they end up on a wild goose chase around the town of Bath. The play is in such distress that it looks like it might be cancelled, but when the kids finally figure out who the culprit is, the play is saved.

This book is number three in a collection of mysteries Caroline Marsh has written . In this 137 page book, you learn a little history about Bath and about Blackbeard. My favorite part was when Michele solved the mystery. I like this book because it is a history/mystery novel, two of my favorite things, and you will love it, too. If you love mysteries, BUY THIS BOOK!


2006-08-27 02:44:44 GMT
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Hey Abi,

Julie and I are really enjoying reading your blogs! I just have one suggestion for when you write them. This is essentially a diary that you are writing so that people can share in your adventures and how visiting these places made you feel. We know how creative you are and how vividly you come up with stories so we know that you can tell us much more than you are about your day to day experiences. Don't get me wrong, it's great to recap all of the things you did during the day and on your trip to Mexico but don't forget to display your emotions. All great works of art exist because the artist was willing to bare their soul when they composed, painted, wrote, etc. Think about Anne Frank's diary, she's in the midst of all of this evil yet still makes the comment that people are good at heart because it's how she feels...so you can take my advice or leave it. No matter what I love reading your blog!! Keep it up!
2006-08-27 13:52:17 GMT
super job, Abi! sounds like you are having great fun and learning lots, too. give Rommel a hug for us.
Eliza is mad at us because she is on a diet.
love, Pen and Shay
2006-08-29 01:21:49 GMT
HI Abi,

I really enjoyed reading your book report. I wish you had filled it out a little more and given us some more of the story. For example, why was Blackbeard's head missing?

Your writing was really good writing. I hope to read your mom and dad's book at Blackbeard in about one year!

Aunt Elizabeth SJ
--Aunt Elizabethsj
2006-08-29 13:06:37 GMT
We miss hearing from you and hope you will be able to write to us again one day! I think censorship is a terrible thing in a land of free speech. But, you are not living in a land of free speech. Maybe we can catch up with you later, if you cannot respond before now.

Much love,
Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Philip
--Elizabeth SJ
2006-09-09 04:00:58 GMT

I really LOVE the new look of your Blog! I especially like the animated postal cancellation marks. Those are quite clever! I was not sure where to write this message, since I am not responding to your book report. Maybe you can set up a separate link, when you have time, just for messages? I enjoy reading your book reports. I especially like the way you also "rate" each country with the number of suitcases! You have a truly interesting Blog, and I enjoy each page of it!

Aunt Elizabeth SJ
--Aunt Elizabethsj
2006-09-11 01:15:31 GMT
Thank you we just set that up oh and uh click the book to go to Amazon.

2006-09-11 14:15:47 GMT
Thanks, Abi. I figured out some time ago that if I wanted to go to a site, I would click on the colored link. Thank you for the information, though. We will not be buying a book about Blackbeard until your mom's and dad's book is published! I just wanted to drop you a note and did not know where else to drop it. SO, I just dropped the note here! I am glad you found it. I have never done a Blog, and I am sure it requires many changes. I hope you will have a link for personal messages soon, so I don't have to leave personal posts at book report sites more than once! Carry on, my junior journalist!
--Aunt Elizabethsj
2006-09-12 08:43:07 GMT
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