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Run for the Border

Where do I begin. On the first day of our trip it all began right after lunch. We all got in the car and headed out to catch the ferry to Ocracoke to camp with Julie Best (Eleanor’s godmother) for the weekend. On that first night there was a lot of wind mixed with thunder and lightning soon there was a cloud burst that brought Pen, Dave, and Julie inside the tent The next day the sky was sunny not. Maybe an hour after Julie left on Saturday it poured as we sat at Jolly Rogers having to gobble up some good burgers to go and close the flaps of the tent. Then we went riding around the island till the sky cleared up then we went to the beach.

On Sunday we woke up in the heat and packed the car. After finishing that we went for a finale dip in the ocean. Then we started to get hungry so we went to Jolly Roger to eat some lunch with no dark cloud in sight. Just before we caught the ferry to go on the road we went to Teach.'s Hole where I got a shirt that says Ocracoke with Blackbeard's flag above it.

30 or so minutes later we were on the road again. We headed to Hertford, North Carolina for a couple of days with Grandma, my Aunt Elizabeth and one of her sons/my cousin Shay. On the first day it was so hot you wouldn’t want to be out there for too long so somewhere in the afternoon aunt Elizabeth sent us out to go get grilled sandwiches and take a letter to the post office after lunch and a little game of junior Monopoly we went out again to go get ice cream but before that we went to go get something for Grandma at Gregory’s but while he got that item we also got a stuffed puppy and a stuffed turtle and I was the only one whose ice cream survived until I finished it in the front yard.

After the little visit in Hertford we drove to Georgetown, South Carolina to a nice little hotel there and while there we discovered that this place had a graveyard right behind it and an alligator swamp on one side. After getting a little breakfast in are stomachs we headed to Thomasvillle, GA where we stayed at a Comfort Inn after waking up in comfort we got a little breakfast and drove straight to New Orleans, LA but on the drive down we first made a little stop in Biloxi, MS where we saw a bridge that was destroyed by hurricane Katrina and just as we were about to get back in the car we saw a LONG train go across a train bridge then not to long before we reached New Orleans we went through the golf coast you know the place that was devastated by Katrina. After a while the road ended (a bridge was under repair) and we and to turn back but as we started to leave the Gulf coast Eleanor started to cry and boy was she really upset.

When we arrived in New Orleans it was late and we wanted to get some supper so Mom, Elea, and I went to the Denny’s to get supper. The next day was spent looking around town and as it started to rain we went to go see the devastated homes and neighborhoods then on are way back to the hotel we first went to Comp USA to get a keyboard then we went to Verizon Wireless to look for a chip for mom’s phone. Finally we went to Popeye's to get supper.

The next morning we started the drive to Galveston, TX where we went into the Golf of Mexico in very shallow waters after that we went to the pool there where I played a game with a little boy who liked a show on Nickelodeon called "Danny Phantom." Maybe 30 minutes later we went back in to have pizza and watch a movie called Warm springs. The next day we went to Brownsville, TX which is on the border and after sleeping a little we woke up real early and went to cross the border.

That tells you how we got to the border but in my next blog I will tell you how we got here.

Adios, Amigos

2006-08-19 03:19:10 GMT
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Hey Abi!

We are so glad to see that you are finally blogging! I'm sorry that I didn't get to spend time with you guys in Ocracoke and I really miss you! Keep up with the blogging because Julie and I are really enjoying it!

2006-08-19 12:26:03 GMT
Hi Abi--
so great to hear about your adventures in Mexico! the boys both say hi -- Eliza does, too!
They (the boys, not Eliza!) start school on Tuesday. Pen is the kicker for his football team and has played in two games so far. He is the starting kicker, and he gets to kick extra points and field goals! Last night he kicked two successful ones. I'll send some photos to you - he has trained a lot to get good at it! Hard work does pay off.
So -- work hard on your schoolwork so you'll have plenty of time to play and explore. Keep Elea entertained a lot so that your parents can concentrate on their book -- I know you are excited for them. I'm hoping you'll write your very own book one day, too, because it appears you are already very talented at writing. And the more you write, the better you'll get. It's like that with calligraphy and painting, too, and most things in life, for that matter. So the daily writing in your blog will help you improve day by day!
Oh, Abi, a friend of mine who has traveled in Mexico says your town is one of her favorites, and she travels all over the world!
Shay was sorry to see ya'll leave Hertford -- after you left I took him and Grandma to Virginia to see some famous calligraphers (some who work at the White House!), then we went to visit Shay's grandfather who lives near Lexington, Virginia (look that up on a map!). We had to leave Eliza at a kennel, a place called The Barking Lot! Isn't that funny! The owners of the kennel breed Saint Bernards (ask your Mom about the Saint Bernard we had when we were kids - his name was Count, and he was really something).

give Elea a big hug for me!
love, Aunt Elizabeth
2006-08-19 23:46:23 GMT
Hello, Hunter!
I really miss that I didn't get to camp with you either, but I'm looking forwarding to talking with you and Julie tomorrow via Messenger! Hugs and kisses!

Hi, Aunt Elizabeth!
I think that Mom and Dad are right about me writing this blog. I was very excited to get all these comments. Tell Pen I say congratulations about making it on the football team. And tell Shay I was sorry to say good-bye, too. Tell Eliza I really miss her!
At the Hacienda Mariposas, we met a Saint Bernard named Beethoven (like in the movies!), and he was really sweet!
Yours, Abi
2006-08-20 03:11:50 GMT
Dear Abi,
That was quite an adventure you had! You are so lucky. Do you have any beaches down there? Alison wants to know if you can find any "Cat Who..." books down there (author is Lillian Jackson Braun), because they're good books.
We wish we were there!

Happy early birthday!
2006-08-23 00:11:04 GMT
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