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Another Rainy Day in Patzcuaro

This is a picture of me, Mom and Elea in front of the Basilica.

Let me tell you about an adventure we had last week

While we were in the Centro, it started to pour, and the street we needed to cross was starting to flood. We waited at our favorite coffee shop for a while, hoping it would let up. Eventually, we all ran across, and when we reached the other side we all had wet feet and were shivering. Elea, Mom, and I went into a supermarket on a street that borders one of the plazas while my Dad and Rommel went to go wait under an overhang just a few buildings away. As we entered we saw that there were a lot of people there, so we wiped our feet, went in and got our butter. We crossed another flooding street and walked toward the Mercado (open-air market) to get some tomatoes, but as we arrived at the little alley that is part of the market, we saw that it was flooded. The front part of the market at the street was flooding so badly it looked like a miniature raging river running through town. I did a bit of a crazy thing – I went through some deep water, wetting my shoes even more. When we reached the end of the sidewalk that led into another flooded street, we could see trash littering the road, so Dad and Rom went into the water to go to the market, and he said when he came back that it was a little wet but otherwise okay, We went to go get the tomatoes and we all got more water on our shoes, but who cares, we got them wet. Big deal, they were already soaked! So we got the tomatoes and chicken ( for chicken fingers which were for supper) then went home, got in some warm, dry clothes and waited for supper.

Let me tell you my feelings about living here.

It’s fun to explore new places here. It’s fun when we are caught in storms. It’s fun when we make mistakes, like when we say something wrong. It’s sad when I see some of the places people live, like little shacks. It’s sad when I see all of the people that come up to us begging for money. I feel happy whenever I see something fun and exciting.

More later. I have written a new book report – click the "Book Reports" button on my home page!

2006-09-15 16:48:49 GMT
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You are growing wise at your age of ten, Abi! As I read what you wrote about the storm and getting your shoes wet, I will have to agree with you that worse things could happen! At least you had shoes! I am sure your parents made sure your and Elea were properly taken care of after the storm.

Aren't storms sometimes wonderful! Isn't it great to get beyond where you hide in your bedroom and pray you don't lose power? You are beginning to realize there is more to life than electricity, but not a whole lot. *smile* At least not on a hot, humid day ... I think I told you about sleeping in the UK in December in unheated bedrooms?

Now, our Corgi wants to stay outside day and night. Your Uncle Philip has to pick up Neely Belle the proper way for a dog her size and "haul her butt in" to sleep inside. Ironically, she always seems so grateful, afterward! We are still running the central A/C here. But, summer is going and autumn is moving in. Neely Belle LOVES the cool weather outside! I guess it reminds, somewhere deep in her soul and in her genes, of her of her homeland: Wales.

I am eager to hear about autumn where you live now. Do you think you will do any special home-school units on it? I know that once a person gets BELOW the equator line, the seasons reverse. We were in Rio, in Brazil, in June and July, and we thought it felt great! It was in the low sixties at night and upper seventies during the day! We loved it! The people who lived there all the time were hunting jackets and sweaters and blankets to keep warm! I think God created a wonderful world: no two places are the same!

Aunt Elizabeth SJ

--Elizabeth SJ
2006-09-16 05:45:47 GMT
wow I never knew you stayed in the UK in unheated bedrooms an you tell me more?
2006-09-16 15:19:29 GMT
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