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Our Trip to Uruapan

Yesterday we all went into the town of Uruapan to go and see Parque Nacional Barranca Del Cupatitzio, a national park there. When you first arrive, you have to pay to enter and there they give you a little folding book with a map inside. When you enter there is a shallow, clear water fountain with a beautiful design in the bottom. Then we found a coffee stand. While Daddy got coffee Mommy and I went to a large map of the park to get an idea where we were going. Then we started on the path going past stands set up so people could get food and drinks while a small stream on the side of the path followed us.

Soon we reached a little resting area and saw the river that winds through a part of the park and turned to see that the little river started to flow a little faster as we reached some steep stairs. When we reached the bottom of the stairs we went across a bridge and found ourselves at a cool little fountain, then headed down some steps to a waterfall we had seen from that rest area and took some photos of it as it sprayed little water drops. Then we headed back on the path soon we found a little fountain near a nice area were you can have a party and a barbecue because guess what... they have a barbecue pit! Then we found an interesting path where we all crossed some rocks over another little stream. Then we found some steps down into a little area were we could see the river (I warn you the wall was a bit short and thin and the water is a somewhat deep).

Then on our way out it rained and Elea and I started to complain about how wet it was. Soon we reached a big waterfall were a family asked Eleanor if she could pose with their little boy for a picture in front of it. Then we went to go and see what looked like a building under construction but it was what we believe an old restaurant with out its roof oh and it was still raining. Then we headed on down to see the Devils Knee Print, which is really an underground river. That was the end of the park so we headed back but on our way out we stopped at a waterfall were we saw another underground river behind it. Finally we went on a search for the playground we heard about.

When we arrived at the playground was wet but we had fun any way. The only thing we did was play on the merry-go-round, swing on the wooden swings and crawl in the little tunnels which had secret rooms, dirt, water and very little light. We were getting hungry so we left and went looking for food and found a KFC! It was getting close to dark so we headed home and watched the sun set over the mountains full of white clouds.

It was a fun, exciting day and educational. I really liked the Devil’s Knee Print because it made me think of the Devil’s Hoof Print in North Carolina. I wonder, when the Devil’s Horse left the ground in Bath, North Carolina, if this is where the Devil fell on his knees? And where’s the other knee print? Hmmm. That’s something to think about because maybe we’ll find out where the horse landed, too.

It’s a great place to visit and I really like the way the river moved, swiftly, fast... woo! And their fountains looked like Indian ruins! So, go there! I know anyone visiting us is going to want to go there, too. But this time we know not to pack our swim suits because we couldn’t find the place to swim. Oh well, the rain made us wet.

2006-09-27 00:27:08 GMT
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Abi, (Rain Seer)... Hunter and I just spent the last hour going through your new pictures and reading your blog! The park you visted looks absoutely breathtaking and I can't wait to visit it when I come and see everyone. I especially enjoyed the pictures of you, Elea, Mom and Dad. I miss you all so much and I'm so glad I get to see you and talk to you like this. I can tell in the pictures, you are getting so tall, even since I last saw you in Ocracoke! Your hair is getting long too.... I miss you so much, beautiful girl, I can't wait to see you.... PLEASE KEEP UP THE UPDATES!! They are often the highlight of my day!!! We love you!!!
2006-09-27 01:36:28 GMT
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