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A Big Day!

This morning when I woke up, I was the happiest girl in the world. Last night, I was given a certificate for completing one-quarter of the countries in the world for my Country Reports, and the report I had just finished was on France. My Dad gave me a quarter (American money!) to show that I had done one-quarter of the world and that when I’ve collected all four quarters, he will put slips of paper with the amounts from $1 to $100 in the empty box where I now pull my countries and I will draw my prize. He said he figured I have worked about 300 hours on my Country Report project. I have never worked that hard on any report that I’ve been assigned, which makes me very proud and it tells me that I have done more than probably any kid my age will do in fifth grade! Mom gave me a hand-made straw turtle to go with my stone turtle that Kristen bought me in Tzintzuntsan. She and Dad say "it’s turtles all the way down." That’s a line from one of Dad’s funny stories. I don't get it. 

I get two days off, and I am very HAPPY!!!! Today, we went up to Morelia, ate at Burger King, went to Walmart and bought me a new binder to put more Country Reports in. I have put up my certificate on top of my and Elea’s dresser along with my first quarter. And I can’t wait until my next one!

I will soon be posting my report about our boat trip in Zihuatenejo!

2006-11-09 17:10:47 GMT
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Dear Abi,

Congratulations! One quarter of all of the countries in the world? That is A LOT of countries! You have worked very hard indeed. 300 hours of research and writing? That is astounding! You should be very proud of yourself, and you certainly do deserve two days off. Just think of how much you are learning!
When you do these reports, you are learning geography, history, culture, research skills, writing, reading maps and charts, and perhaps even some mathematical calculations. What a wealth of information to be acquiring!

I am looking forward to reading about your next adventure... the boat trip. Your life is filled with interesting, enriching experiences. Keep up the great work!
Lots of Love,
--Janice Hernandez
2006-11-10 05:10:23 GMT
Dear Abi,

I just found this post as I was posting to your beach trip. CONGRATULATIONS on all of the HARD work you have done in "geography," and "social sciences," and "world culture". You are learning that all of these parts come together when you study about a country. You are an excellent student. We are SO proud of you! I wonder if you may pull a $300 prize from the box your dad fixes for you? I think it should be $300 x 10! And make him pay up, or tell him some ghost named BlackBeard will be watching him. Good luck on the rest of your reports!


Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Philip
2006-11-20 00:00:57 GMT
Just happened on your page through a few links on Wikipedia and found your reports... your hunger for knowledge and clarity of expression belies your tender years, and you are fortunate to have a family to nurture this and help you develop your obvious talents. Never lose that zest for learning!
--David J
<mailto:daithippj @ hotmail.com>
2006-11-21 14:29:58 GMT
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