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The Boat Trip

On our last day in El Burro Borracho was Kristen’s birthday, and we all woke really early, around 6:00 in the morning. We got dressed, pulled on our bathing suits and clothes and were out the door by 7:00. Before long, we arrived in and found a good parking spot close to the beach. Out in the water was a small fishing vessel called the Sailfish and onboard were two tanned Mexican men – our captain Oscar and his mate Alejandro. They had turned off the motor and were riding the waves to the beach, but before it got to the beach they jumped over board (in shallow water) and grabbed the boat to hold it steady. We climbed in, fighting the tide, and the men followed. When we got aboard, we rode across the bay to a dock where we got out of the rocking boat and climbed some steps to the top. We bought some food and drinks at a little store and paid two pesos to use a bathroom, then we went back onboard.

Soon we were on our way toward the sea. As we rode, we would glide on waves and Mom kept saying "Whoa!" I was gripping onto Dad because it was a little scary going up and down the waves. As we headed out to the open ocean, we started to see lots of birds diving in a pack. That meant fish! Captain Oscar put out some fishing lines, and Kristen caught one almost right away. It was big, and Captain Oscar said it was a Bonito. He knocked it out with a club, and we took a picture of Kristen holding her fish. We could see a big rock in the middle of the sea which we think is a navigational beacon since the airport was not far away. Back on the shore, there was a lighthouse that looked like a church or mansion. Soon we came around a corner of some big rocks, and we saw a breathtaking cove where Alejandro turned the motor off and dropped the anchor.

We pulled off our clothes to reveal our bathing suits so we could have a little swim. Mom helped Elea and me buckle into some very big life jackets. We all got in the water, but I was feeling kind of scared. The waves seemed very big and the life jacket was too big for me and was towering over my head. Not ten minutes later, Elea and I wanted to get back in the boat. We lay with Dad on the bow for a while, but the life jacket was squeezing me so I took it off. Mom came back on board, and she and I started feeling seasick. Meanwhile, Kristen and Captain Oscar were snorkeling and brought up some pretty coral. It wasn’t too long before I got really queasy and leaned overboard and out it came.

After we left the pretty cove, we turned the rocky bend and saw more fish jumping. Mom and Kristen caught some more fish and then Dad caught one. Alejandro drove us to another little beach called Playa Los Gatos. One section of the water was cut off a little from the waves with boulders, which made a great swimming area. Elea and I ran to the water where we played forever. I had never had a chance to go up to my neck in the water in front of our hotel because the waves are too big and rough. I had so much fun! The restaurant there cooked the fish we caught – they were really tasty, a little better than the fish we get here in Patzcuaro. When we finished our fish, Mom put sunscreen on us and we went back in the water. Oh, I also had my hair braided by a lady on the beach. Soon everybody was swimming. Dad played monster in the shallows with us, but then it was time to go.

Alejandro had to swim to the boat and bring it back to pick us up at the dock. When it was my turn I tried to grab the top of the boat and missed. Alejandro grabbed me and slowed my fall (boy, those guys are strong!). They took us back to the beach where this whole adventure began and again we jumped out into the waves. We went back to the car tired and drove back to Troncones smiling.

2006-11-19 02:12:36 GMT
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I know this beach trip is one you will never forget! Did you know that I used to work in a school that taught nautical stuff, and we had a Sailfish / Sunfish race at Columbia Yacht Club? Both boats are about the same. I grew up around the water and boats, and I have spent a lot of time IN a boat. Yes, I have gotten sea-sick, also, which is bad ... really bad. Once, we got stranded on Lake Murray, which is near where we live and from where we launched a vintage craft. The boat died on us, and we had to call the Coast Guard to rescue us. That was when I got sea-sick. At least with a sailboat, you can use either the wind or oars. That time I was stuck! Now, you will have another wonderful memory to add to your collection of Mexican adventures! I am so happy for you.

Aunt Elizabeth SJ
2006-11-19 23:52:13 GMT
Dear Abigail,

What fun! I haven't been on a boat (with the exception of ferry boats in the Outer Banks and at Disney World) since your dad and I used to ride on the "Bud Boat" when we did remote broadcasts/promotions for SURF 107. Fortunately, I did not become seasick while I was broadcasting live! Though my brother did become seasick and "tossed his cookies" overboard on a boat that my dad owned when we were teenagers. I thought it was funny... but he did not. : )

I am happy to hear that your boat trip was so exciting and that you got to do some great swimming. Good thing that Alejandro caught you before you fell. He had quick hands!

By the way, I LOVE your new family photo online. You all look wonderful! And your hair braided in that way is very flattering to you. You look just lovely.

I am looking forward to hearing about your next adventure. Keep up the great schoolwork and continue to enjoy learning. You are a special girl.

--Janice Hernandez
2006-11-20 17:35:16 GMT
Aunt Janice

Thank you so much and How are the kids Daneb, Karabella and Novara? pleas tell me I love you guys so much and I miss you like crazy. I will keppup the schoolwork thanks!
2006-11-23 16:24:46 GMT
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