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Laredo, Texas
Laredo, Texas, is a fairly big town right on the border between the United States and Mexico. We went there to get a few things that we could not find in Mexico. It was sometime after twelve, and we were driving around little Neuvo Laredo trying to find a way to get across the border! Once someone had given us directions, we drove around the block and were then waiting to get across the border to America.

We did have to wait in traffic, and off to the side we could see people walking into Laredo, as Mom said to either shop or hang around it felt very weird. About half an hour later we were waved over to this man who asked if we had meat or animals or fruit. We said no to each one and without any trouble we were allowed to pull forward. Before we knew it, we were back in the United States. As we pulled trough downtown, I felt like I was looking at some of downtown Wilmington, NC, were I spent nine years of my childhood. As we left downtown and started driving through the town itself, Mom told Elea and me to start looking out our windows to see if we could see the Holiday Inn that was our hotel.

After we had checked in and unpacked the cart in our room, Mom said, “Girls let’s leave Daddy alone for a while and go shopping.” So Elea and I kissed Dad good-bye and left him to watch C-SPAN. Today we were going to try and find me a pair of shoes. We first tried the Big K-Mart not far from our hotel. We did find a couple of things we wanted, but no shoes. Then we headed over to a haircut place not far away to get trims. An hour later we were out the door, all with new haircuts.

After supper, Mom said that we could go down to the hot tub, so we left Dad and pulled on our homemade bathrobes over our bathing suits and left the room. When we got off the elevator, I felt very shy about being in my bathrobe and bathing suit in public with a whole bunch of strangers standing around! When we went into the pool grounds and had slipped off our shoes and bathrobes, we all climbed into the small but convenient hot tub. As Elea and I made our elves at home, Mom started talking on her cellphone. Suddenly Elea, who had gotten kind of mad at me, splashed me with water, almost wetting Mom’s phone. Then Mom said “Okay, you two, stop that right now or we will go back to the room!” That made Elea and me stop. Elea and I got to talk to Grandma for awhile, then it was time to go back.

When we opened the door, we saw that Dad had gotten the laptop up and running and was checking his blogs and mail. Then Mom said it was bedtime, so Elea and I got into the covers on the pullout sofa. As we drifted of to the land of dreams, Mom and Dad stared editing. When I awoke the next morning, Mom was checking her mail, Dad was on the phone with Julie and Elea was taking a shower. After I had taken a very warm shower, we went down to there breakfast buffet to see if they had anything we would like.

The breakfast buffet was ever so good that I would have eaten more of what I had, but we came just as they were closing it up so we had only one plateful each. We headed back to the room and watched television, read books and were pretty much lazy for a while, then Dad sat up, turned the TV off and said, “Lunch time, come on.” So after a hearty meal, we started looking for a coffee shop so Dad could sit down and hand edit a part of the book. Soon we found a Starbucks, and Dad had just started when Mom said ,“Girls, let’s go see what is over there at that H.E.B.s” (a big grocery store) When we went in, a man gave Elea and I each a balloon then we headed into the store itself.

This H.E.B.s was so big you thought at first glance you could spend days in there! We looked around and got a couple of essentials we needed. As we came into the make-up aisle, a lady at the frozen food section offered us some pieces of microwaveable burritos and a little taste of some butter pecan vanilla ice cream, which I have to say was phenomenal. When we came back, Starbucks was crowded and Dad had just finished the part he was editing and said “Let’s go now.”

When we came back up to our floor, we found that the maid was cleaning our room, so we waited in front of the elevators and until she was finished. When we came in, Mom said “Elea, Abi, let’s go to Target.” Kind of tired, we both followed her gloomily out the door. When we arrived, Mom said “First things first, we will get some shoes for Abi. Then we’ll look for that frisbee Emilio wants ...” (he keeps the dogs when we travel) When we got there, we went straight over to the shoe section, and after some time we found me a pair of off white tennis shoes. We then found a non-plastic, easy for dogs to pick up frisbee, and Elea got a little stuffed Eeyore.

By the time we came back, Dad was watching CNN and I was so happy that I now had a pair of running shoes. As it grew darker and darker, we finally decided to call room service up for our food. As we ate, we watched Jarhead, a very good movie indeed from what I’ve heard. Mom and Dad continued editing late into the night. When we woke up, Mom and Dad said that today we were going to the post office to drop off the edited parts to some one who wanted to look through it, plus a couple of boxes to Grandma full of things we did not need for the rest of the time we are in Mexico.

After that, we headed to a Chinese restaurant where the lunch buffet was pretty good, and I was quite stuffed when it was time to go. After lunch, we dropped Dad off at the hotel and started getting the rest of the things we needed, like pop-tarts in a box, bags full of pepperoni, boxes of Cheez-its, a couple bottles of Heinz ketchup, a bottle of honey mustard, Wheat Thins, and a box of plain Cheerios. Then we headed back to the big K-Mart, where Elea and I were allowed to pick an animal each. I got a bear with a LOVE sweatshirt and Elea got a big pink poodle. Then for supper, we pulled into Pizza Hut and ordered a pizza.

While we ate, we watched Jerry Maguire, a very funny movie that you should try to catch on the tube. The next morning, it was time to leave, and we headed back to our little house here in Patzcuaro. After we packed up and had checked out, we had just one more food to get: cheddar cheese, which you can never find in Mexico. As we drove across the border, we had to make one more stop to get a new car sticker and new visas at Banjercito just off the bridge on Mexico’s side. Then we were on our way home.

2007-03-16 18:53:34 GMT
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You have written a wonderful account of some of your adventures! I am glad you have new shoes, so now you have "happy feet." [That's what my daughter used to say when she was younger and got new shoes.] You have seen quite a bit of the western part of the US. Do you have a favorite place you have visited? Thank you for letting me know you had added to your Blog. I see you have written some more that I have not read. So, I'll read on and catch up with what y'all have been doing!

Aunt Elizabeth SJ
--Aunt Elizabeth SJ
2007-03-17 19:57:36 GMT
Dear Abi,

Hello! It is great to see that you are blogging again. I truly enjoyed reading this blog about your trip to Laredo, Texas. I am a detail-oriented person, and so I really appreciated all of the details that you provided about your daily activities when you crossed the border. I also liked reading the dialogue that you wrote. It was fun to hear what your mom and dad said, and I enjoyed reading about your thoughts as well. It sounds like your family adventure just keeps on continuing. Thank you so much for sharing this with us... your friends and family.

We just got a new Coachman Mirada RV this past Friday. It is really cool. It is 35 feet long, white on the outside with colorful designs, it has a full kitchen, a table with two upholstered benches, a bathroom, a sofa sleeper, an easy chair, three tv's, a bedroom with a queen bed, and it even has two bunk beds. It can sleep 8 people, so when we go on trips, we can even bring friends and family with us, if we'd like. This past weekend we took a short trip to Myrtle Beach to go camping for the first time. But I feel guilt even calling it "camping", as we have all the comforts of home. I drove the RV for the first time. It is really big to drive! But Jeff said that I did well. I haven't driven it in a lot of traffic yet. I'm working up to that. We are going to take it to Disney World in April, even though we already have reservationa for a resort. It'll make the trip there easier. And we are going on our Prairie journey for five weeks in it this summer. We have to give the RV a name. We haven't chosen yet, but we have some ideas. Here's what we have so far... "Little House on Wheels", "Galactica", and "the Milk Bus". Which of these do you like? Do you have any ideas about a Spanish name we can use? After all, we are the Hernandez family. It would be appropriate. Tell me what you think.

I could write more about other goings-on, but I have to check on my dinner and fold five baskets of laundry, and make some phone calls! I am so glad that you are doing so well. Please give my love to Elea and your mom and dad. Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Lots of Love,
Godmother Janice
--Janice Hernandez
2007-03-19 20:53:49 GMT
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